anger strong feeling you want to hurt or shout at someone because they treated you badly or unfairly
lose my temper suddenly become angry
makes my blood boil causes me to be very angry
fuming showing anger
fast-paced moving very quickly
stress feeling nervous or worried so you cannot relax
frustrations situations that make you feel annoyed because something is stopping you from doing what you want
red mist feeling of extreme anger that stops you thinking clearly
(to) curse say or think offensive or bad things about someone
anger management therapy or training to help you control your anger
aggression physical or verbal behaviour towards someone


My little story about anger

You know, I lost my temper yesterday.  I was waiting at a temporary traffic light, as there were road works going on, and the car behind me sounded his horn when I didn’t take off as soon as the lights changed!

It makes my blood boil when I see how impatient and impolite drivers are.  Once behind the wheel, they forget their good upbringing and behave like a wild animals.  Someone gets in their way and they see a red mist before their eyes, they curse and show such unbelievable aggression to the point that sometimes they get out of their car, fuming with anger, and start an argument with the other driver!

Life is so fast-paced these days, everyone is stressed.  I think we all need to take anger management training to relieve our frustrations or simply go dancing or to a rock concert to let off steam.